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Its a Pre Poll Survey showing booth Swing with SWOT of candidate and Political Data Analytics. This is the most recommended and the first step before you start building campaign plan or seek a party ticket.


Dashboard to track ground activity real time on a map. Enables the HQ to centrally manage all the volunteers and relevant resources across multiple booths simultaneously inline to changing voter sentiments and campaign strategy.


Compare among multiple parties/candidates covers all major Indian languages.Segregate the positive and negative media presence. Analyze specific topics. Assess the success of on ground/ digital campaigns monitor media and social media.


On voting day, the booth coordinators can update the voters who have casted their votes. Based on this information and our AI algorithm, the software is able to estimate number of votes casted for our client as well as well as opposition. The complete party can be mobilized sitting in war room.


Mobile GIS maps have fixed coordinate system which supports GPS location of the user in the map helping candidates to know their exact location within the boundary during campaign. A survey done to know the party preference of individual voters in the ward or constituency is also shown on the digital maps.


A unique suite of mass conferencing & broadcasting solutions via audio, video. Connect 15000+ voter simultaneously via audio and conduct opinion polling without manual intervention.Virtual rallies: Connect with voters via 2 way conversation inform voters about manifesto and achievements

SMART NETA™ is a team of expert Political Consultant having decade of experience in Electioneering. Political Consultant Election Software Poll Survey Data Mobile App using scientific approach to provide Booth level Data Analytics with digital campaigns. Our tools like Artificial intelligence and IOT helps us finish jobs more quickly. It also makes them excellent substitutes for any activity requiring thoughtful decision-making. We use these scientific approach to quickly and efficiently complete the same task with limited resources. In the same way we endeavour to push to the limit to achieve a maximum outcome in the stipulated time frame and achieve a broader spectrum in making every resource count.

Political Consultant Election Software

We as Political Consultant Election Software provider make sure of advancing the candidate election interests by appealing to right voters after Poll Survey with the help of technology. So every action is to produce strong impression and response from the voters.

Smart Neta™ is a big data platform that incorporates a collaborative framework of technical service providers, data scientists, political technologists, politicians, and civic leaders.

If a common man strives to accomplish something beneficial for their neighbourhood and the country as a whole. The average person who does not come from a political background lacks financial, human, and physical strength. Can he win the elections?

Yes, he can win the election, we say with respect and pride. We want elections to be open to all candidates.

An IOT & GeoSpatial for Survey & War Room Live tracking of Volunteers and Swing voter sentiment analysis. Also we provide Political Party Management Software & Constituency Management System with Citizen App. SMART NETA known as one of the Best Political Consultant Election Software Poll Survey Data service provider in India.

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Political consultants act as public relations specialists, salespeople and managers. By using many forms of marketing-suitable media, including advertising and press releases, the general goal of political consultants is to make voters aware of their candidates’ party platform. We provide a complete suite of full 360 degree approach to execute end to end election campaign management solutions to take off the burden from contesting candidates in any constituency pan India.

Political Consultant Election Software believe in increasing efficiency and transparency thru effective use of cutting edge advance technologies. Political Consultant Election Software



By Smart Neta team of Political Consultant and Civic Experts